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Achievement Motivation Workshop



To facilitate the members to :

  • To help the participant understand her/his own goal setting behaviors.

  • To help the participant examine the extent to which s/he exhibits the characteristics of a high achievement oriented person on actual performance exercise.

  • To help the participant experiment with her/his own goal setting behavior.


Topics included are :

  • Roots and fruits of success.

  • The characteristics of high achievement oriented person.

  • Use of information and sensitivity to surroundings.

  • Calculated risk taking.

  • Learning from feedback.

  • Ability to cope with stress.

  • Concern for excellence in terms of quality, quantity and profits.

  • Taking personal responsibility for success and failure.

  • Locus of control - Internal V/s External.

  • Balanced Goal setting process.

  • Developing life mission statement and establishing key result areas for success.

  • Career Stage model.

  • Action planning.


2 Days


By the end of the course the participants will be able to :

  • Establish life mission.

  • Establish life goals and aspire for greater success.

  • Plan and organize for greater personal effectiveness.

  • Take responsibility of self.

  • Focus and direct efforts on a career journey rather than a job.


Individual contributors in the age group of 24 26.


Experiential learning workshop using :

  • Simulations.

  • Training games levels of aspiration.

  • Group discussions.

  • Presentations.

  • Self assessment tools.

  • Facilitator led Lectures & discussions.


The learning event contents will be customized as per the learning application requirement of the customer organization.


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