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Interpersonal Skills & Conflict Management for Team Members



To facilitate the members to :

  • Identify personal needs in an interpersonal relationship.

  • Identify their approaches to interpersonal conflicts.

  • Identify individual preferences to Giving and Receiving feedback.

  • Identify & establish methods for developing interdependence and trust.

  • Develop negotiation skills.


Topics included are :

  • Interpersonal styles and Johari window.

  • Self - disclosure and feedback tools.

  • Building deeper trust in relationships.

  • Developing interdependencies.

  • Use of non - verbal communication.

  • The art of listening in Conflict management.

  • Conflict Management style survey.

  • Developing people skills.

  • Negotiation Skills.


2 to 3 Days


By the end of the course the participants will be able to :

  • Demonstrate greater interpersonal sensitivity.

  • Develop trust amongst team members and other co-ordinates.

  • Receive and give meaningful feedback to other members.

  • Establish personal preferences in a conflict resolution situation.

  • Negotiate with team members for a positive outcome.


Experiential learning workshop using :

  • Work related simulations.

  • Management games.

  • Case study.

  • Video films.

  • Group discussions.

  • Presentations.

  • Self assessment tools.

  • Facilitator led Lectures & discussions.


The learning event contents will be customized as per the learning application requirement of the customer organization. Consequently the duration of the program is likely to undergo some change.

Note : * Workshop can be customized to include personality type and its impact on interpersonal relationship using
             psychological testing instruments.

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