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Working in Teams for Leaderless Groups



To facilitate the members to :

  • Identify the impact of working in teams.

  • Identify individual team roles and therefore become aware of impact of role on the team.

  • Identify the power of feedback and interpersonal sensitivity and therefore the impact of individual’s behavior on the team.

  • Identify strategies to neutralize role conflict whilst working in teams.

  • Seamlessly integrate and work in project / matrix teams from time to time.


Topics included are :

  • Getting to know each other.

  • Teaming for team work.

  • Role of Interpersonal Sensitivity, Empathy and Communication.

  • Dealing with and managing conflicts.

  • Team roles.

  • Team Dynamics & Relationships.

  • Coping with Change.

  • Team Problem Solving & Decision Making.

  • Commitment to self & team.

  • Facilitation of development of Personal Action Plan per participant.


2 to 3 Days


By the end of the course the participants will be able to :

  • Develop conceptual understanding of working in teams and its importance in modern workplace.

  • Develop interpersonal sensitivity.

  • Develop Interdependence and support each other at workplace.

  • Work as a self managed team with shared leadership and vision.

  • Make decision as a group through consensus.
    Cope with changes in the immediate environment.

  • Be committed to the team and its members.

  • Onboard new members with ease and flexibility.


Experiential learning workshop using :

  • Work related simulations.

  • Management games.

  • Case study.

  • Video films.

  • Group discussions.

  • Presentations.

  • Self assessment tools.

  • Facilitator led Lectures & discussions.


The learning event contents will be customized as per the learning application requirement of the customer organization. Consequently the duration of the program is likely to undergo some change.

Note : * Working in Teams workshop can also be conducted in outdoors.

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