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Assessment Center

"if only I could observe how this person actually performs in the workplace?"

An Assessment Center is the next best thing to physically observing performance in the workplace. Research has shown that reliance upon an interview alone for staff selection, is not the most accurate method for determining which candidate will perform best in the actual workplace.

Incorporating an Assessment Center into your recruitment and selection process will improve selection accuracy significantly. In addition, this methodology provides an organization with a legally defensible process for staff selection that also creates a positive company image.

What is an Assessment Center?

The process involves developing a range of assessments and job simulation activities based on the key competencies identified as requirements to be successful in the position.

Skill, IQ and personality assessments may be used along with role plays, case studies and other methods of assessing actual behavior as opposed to stated behavior. The activities are incorporated into the Assessment Center, which may be conducted over the space of a day or several days, depending upon the complexity of the process adopted. Use of an Assessment Center enables organizations to assess large numbers of candidates more quickly than traditional methods alone.

Our qualified Assessment Center practitioners can conduct training of assessors and manage the entire process from start to finish.

Psychological Assessment

TRAC employs psychologists for all psychological assessment. Our Team of Behaviorists & Psychologists are accredited to administer the TriMetrix ™ Assessments, Attribute Index, 16 PF®, Strong Interest Inventory, EQi, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ®, FIRO-B ® (MBTI ® & FIRO-B ® are not recommended for recruitment psychological testing processes), Belbin Team Roles®, Motivational Insights™, Behavior Style Insights™, etc., to assess personality of the prospective candidates. These wide range of tests and assessments improve staff selection accuracy significantly. Assessments can also be used in team development, career management and recruitment.

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