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Learning and Development Process Consulting

Overall organization effectiveness is the result of continuous human resources and process development. The functional efficiency of the human resources at work would determine the speed of delivery of products and service to the customer, customer retention, organization profitability and growth, besides rekindling of the process of innovation.

To achieve the above, it is imperative that a learning culture prevails in the organization. Learning, so as to enable individuals acquire the desired Knowledge, Skills, & Attitude for greater functional efficiency and Overall individual development through a set of systemic and extra systemic learning events.

“People and their managers are working so hard to be sure things are done right, that they hardly have time to decide if they are doing the right things.”

 – Stephen R Covey

Doing the right things and doing things right is a balancing act, and requires the development of good strategies and efficient people resources to deliver the products and services to the customer.

TRAC, is committed to assisting customers in the process of significantly improving people efficiency through design and development of learning and development process - path encompassing the following:

  • Job Analysis.

  • Job Description.

  • Assessing Learning and Development Needs per job function.

  • Establishment of Learning and Development solution in relation to job function requirement.

  • Designing learning event conduction methodology for effective transfer of knowledge, and skills building.

  • Leading Learning Sessions.

  • Structuring effective On the Job learning assignments.

  • Measuring learning event and individual learning effectiveness.

  • Coaching and training organization leaders.

  • Transferring capability to internal training resource.

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Overall organization effectiveness is the result of continuous human resources and process development.

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Doing right things & doing things right is a balancing act,  requires the overall development of good strategies & efficient people.

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