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TRAC - Core Competencies

We are in the business of servicing the interests of our corporate cliers and thereby helping them attain organization wide effectiveness thro:

Coaching & Counseling

Leadership Coaching

  • Instrumented intervention using licensed instruments & 360 degree feedback using leadership Practices Inventory, Belbin Team Roles. etc.

  • Leadership personal profiling using MBTI Step I and Step II - EIR, Firo B. DISC, PIAV. Trimetrix Asessment, Big 5, EI Profiler, LoC, Etc.

  • One to ore hand holding thro structured interventions.

Team Coaching

  • Instrumented intervention using licensed instruments & 360 degree feedback using Belbin Team Roles or Parker Team player intervention.

  • Individualized profiling thro MBTI Step I and Step II - EIR. TTI DiSC Profiling. EI Profiler, Firo B. profile, etc.


Workforce Training and Development in the area of

People Skills development

  • Interpersonal skills — MBTI / DiSC / Temperamant Survey, etc.

  • Working in Teams —inbound and outbound interventions.

  • lnfkuencing skills & Assertive Communication

  • Emotional Intelligence.

  • Group Decision Making & Problem solving, etc...

People Management

  • Building & Leading Teams to Success — work / project / matrix teams.

  • Leadership Skills development.

  • Group Problem Solving & Decision Making. etc...

Individual & Self Development Programs

  • Personal Effectiveness.

  • Goal Setting.

  • Assertive Communication Skills.

  • High Impact Presertation Skills.

  • Time and Life Management.

  • Achievement Motivation.

  • Strategic Thinking. Etc.

Customer Interaction Skills & Managenment

  • Selling skills — organization specific

  • Commercial Negotiation

  • Flex Selling using MBTI

  • High Impact selling using DISC

Service Excellence

  • Strategic and operation related workshops

  • Customer interaction skills — MBTI / DISC models

Feld Operations Management

  • Management of Field operations


Process consulting for organizalion Learning and Development process leading into Progression and Succession Planning for overall Organization Building.


Talent Development & Retention.


Human Resources functional consulting in the areas of:

Performance Management Systems & 360 degree feedback

  • Employee work perforormance design and implementation in line with organization goals and mission

  • Balanced Score Card system design and implementation

  • TOPS design and implementation

Organization Performance Effectiveness using BaLance Scare Card approach

Human resources assessment centers1 design and development of work competencies

  • Strategy

  • Design & Structure

  • Role out

  • Data map

  • Career planning

  • Development planning

  • Development role out

  • Measurement

Compensation Strategy & Design

Compensation and Benefit Surveys

Job Evaluation


End to End Recruitment & Selection Process support & consulting

  • Job Analysis.

  • Recruitment Strategy.

  • Recruitment process audit.

  • Selection Design.

  • Pre Selection Testing — Psychometric tests, Trimetnx Assessment, etc..

  • Panel interview.

  • Hand holding of selection committee.

  • On boarding — Orientation & Induction training design.

  • Placement counseling.

  • Focused search services.


Functional support & operations management of Human Resources function as extended organization

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Servicing the interests of our corporate clients and thereby helping them attain organization wide effictiveness.

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Overall organization effectiveness is the result of continuous human resources and process development.

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