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About Us

Founded by Sai & Mala on the 6th January 1997 began as a single stop total – organization learning, training and development solutions provider in the region, India. Since then TRAC has metamorphosed into a single stop total Organization & HRD consulting and solutions provider to business houses. At TRAC we are committed to enhance organization and individual effectiveness thereby leading to their successes in a highly competitive environment.

Our commitment to our customers is in the following areas;

Strategic HRD process consulting

  • Purpose clarification

  • Value clarification

  • Goal setting

  • Large scale change process facilitation & direction setting

  • Talent retention, attraction

Operational HRD process consulting

  • Facilitating and setting up of H R Processes on Build, Operate, & Transfer models

  • Performance Management System – Balanced Score Card Setup and Roll out

  • Workforce performance management & measurement

  • Compensation strategy & design, benefits administration, benchmark study

  • Retention strategizing & roll out

  • Restructuring

  • Recruitment process consulting, audit

Organization development initiatives aimed at overall organization effectiveness.

Workforce –Leadership, Management, & Operational levels capability Assessment & Development

  • Learning, Education & Training Process consulting

  • Leading of custom made learning / training interventions

  • Leading instrumented learning initiatives using MBTI ®, FIRO-B ®, DISC – Style insights™, PIAV-Motivational Insights™, TriMetrix™ Assessment, Belbin Team Roles Inventory ®, CPP licensed instruments, Leadership analysis using 360 degree feedback instruments, HRD Instruments, etc.

Since 1997, TRAC has slowly but steadily grown thro meaningful association with customers and network associates to lend ‘total customer value’ for their investment. Some of the initiatives have been path breaking learning and development activities for workforce from diverse work groups, culture and language.

TRAC, has led learning and development activities in vernacular for better comprehension of the audience, besides facilitating audience to implement what is learnt in the training room at work place with great ease and conviction’ for some of its clients. This example only goes out to indicate the flexibility of TRAC and its team members to alter the instructional medium and methodology to suit the learning audiences. To view some of the learning methodologies used by TRAC, please view the photo gallery.

TRAC Team are certified in the following:

  • Qualified, Accredited, & Certified MBTI Step I and Step II professional

  • Certified Belbin® Team Roles & e-interplace® professional

  • Certified Professional Behavior Analyst – CPBA

  • Certified Professional Value Analyst – CPVA

  • Certified Attribute Indicator Analyst – CAIA

  • Certified TriMetrix™ Consultant

  • Accredited FIRO-B analysts

  • Analysis of Leadership Practices using 360-degree feedback instruments

  • Certified to use Emotional Intelligence Profiling systems – EQi

  • Certified to use HRD instruments

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Organization & HRD consulting and solutions provider to business houses.

» About Us
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Servicing the interests of our corporate clients and thereby helping them attain organization wide effictiveness.

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Overall organization effectiveness is the result of continuous human resources and process development.

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Doing right things & doing things right is a balancing act,  requires the overall development of good strategies & efficient people.

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